Hempstead May

About Us

Hempstead May is a collective of creatives committed to assisting and guiding clients through the post-production process. We offer high-end post production, film processing, printing and scanning facilities in East London & New York.


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Our Service

Our studio is always open for clients to sit in and discuss ideas; artists, photographers, art directors and creatives can directly liaise with our team to ensure their vision is realised. With our friendly staff and facilities, we strive to build a working relationship that clients can rely on and turn to with any creative challenge they may face.

Our Story

The journey of Hempstead May is a reminder that the values and work ethic we hold dear survive on the creative landscape. In the companies infancy, one of our founders was retouching from a tent set up in a Hackney warehouse. A humble and considered approach to the craft was a welcome ally in a fast paced industry, and it garnered an invested interest from clients, and individuals, who wanted to collaborate.

Founders Jon Hempstead and India May have continued to build upon the retouching foundation expanding into the world of print. They have curated a skilled team of creative professionals with a mind to ensure the approachable and personally invested atmosphere is as evident today as it was in the company roots.

Hempstead May is considered one of the leaders in the post-production and print industry; we strive to revive the tactile spirit of the analogue age in this digital era, and we are committed to bringing creative concepts and ideas to fruition.

Our Work